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photoAs it turned out, in spite of how indifferent I was to the outcome and/or spectacle or the 2014 Super Bowl,yours truly was one of four winners of a Super Bowl pool that was going on at work.This meant I had extra, unexpected cash.I made the decision that this winning must be dedicated to something other than bills or necessities.It would be for a dress.Ah, yes.

I had something picked out already.I saw it last week at a trendy boutique and it was on sale.SOLD.After making that purchase, I had some cash left over.I didn’t hesitate.I went to troll the aisles of the local thrift stores.

This kind of shopping serves a duel purpose for me.It’s economical as well as rewarding.Strangely enough, I feel like it gives these items a new life, a second chance.I know there are some that would frown on this sort of thing.Someone elses discarded stuff?I can hear it now, ” Do you have some kind of a poverty mentality? Don’t you believe in abundant life, a benevolent universe? Do you feel unworthy?”  NO.I feel joy whenever I see a piece of clothing, an appliance, a book, etc that is of exceptional quality waiting to be discovered.Perhaps I am reading too much into this( I usually do) but it makes me think of people around us, or even ourselves for that matter,  who are in the same position.We may feel passed over in our lives.”How did I get here?” we wonder.

Well, how does something end up on a thrift store rack?Someone may have gone through their belongings and decided that they had some stuff that was no longer useful to them.I emphasize that because just because you have a belonging that you are not using, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t useful to another person.Maybe you bought a new couch.Perhaps you have things that were “outgrown” as is the case with children’s clothing. Maybe you lost weight and wear a smaller size.It could be a book you have already read and don’t see yourself reading again.You may feel the need to give away items after the end of a relationship.On a more somber note, this can happen as a result of death.

In this way, it is like the cycle of life.Not everything has to be “brand new” for it to be appreciated and/or meaningful.

When I shop for previously owned items, I get a charge that is not quite present when shopping  for new items.I see possibilites.I am willing to take chances.I may even buy something that is not right for me but I have a hunch it’s perfect for someone else.When it comes to music, I have never stopped listening to vinyl LP’s.Sometimes I will even purchase a cassette that I can only play in the tape deck in my car.Lately I have been listening to U2’s “Wide Awake in America” as I ride around town.It’s remarkable how something so inexpensive and random like that can brighten your day, or someone elses.The only problem with this is that if you are not careful, you may end up with a bunch of “stuff”.That is why I have a few guidelines.

First, I consider the what I am looking for.For instance, It may be something specific like a wool sweater, a food processor, a pair of black slacks.In this way, I can stay focused and don’t get distracted by all the other things I may see.Second, I don’t ever buy something just because it is cheap.If I don’t need it, I am not buying it PERIOD.Third, once I buy something, I try to simultaniously get rid of something I am not using very much.This one usually relates to clothing.One last thing to bear in mind, there is no use in having something if you don’t use it or have somewhere to put it.

I realize that whatever we may be looking for in life is actually looking for us.The question is, are we ready for it?Have we made time and space for it? For several months, I have been in the process of clearing out and reorganizing.This is yet another continuation of my previous posts,  “Making Time” and ” Creating Space”.I am reminded about something Cheryl Richardson said about how when you take care of your finances responsibly,you are sending a message to your subconscious that you are able to handle more.I believe this can be applied to relationships, possessions, and/or opportunities.

There are days when I walk through a thrift store in sheer amazement over all the great stuff I find.Other days, I see nothing special. Then again, someone else can find exactly what they are searching for.It’s a timing thing.It’s also a very individual thing.

That is why this kind of shopping speaks to me on a personal level.

It’s symbolic.The very item we are looking for may be waiting for us,  gathering dust on a shelf next to a bunch of “junk”, waiting to be discovered.It could be something that another person found insignificant and it and yet it means so much to us.Maybe there are times when we could feel unwanted and passed over.Maybe we feel like our talents and abilities are nothing special.Then again, who is to say that we are not exactly what another is seeking?There is a saying, I don’t know who said it, “There is a supply for every need.” Whoever did has probably spent time trolling the aisles in a thrift store.

Just because we are not shiny and brand new doesn’t mean we aren’t sought after. Just because we have blemishes,made mistakes,and felt used doesn’t mean we aren’t valuable.

Now if you readers will excuse me, It’s time to reorganize my closet.

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