Small Change and the Importance of Dailyness

For a little over a month, I have been adding specific daily activities to my life.It started with a daily 30 Day Cycling Challenge that ended successfully on 9/15.Before the challenge was over, I added a few other daily activities such as stretching and meditation and plan to add a few more, week to week.Most of these only to 10 to 15 minutes out of my day.

This is not only for self improvement but to answer the question, ” can small amounts of daily and mindful effort make a measureable difference?” I have always believed so but now I have set out to prove it.

I remembered a book I purchased some years ago called Small Change by Susan and Larry Terkel.I would flip through it from time to time but never finished it.This seemed the perfect opportunity to do so.As it turns out, it has been a lovely companion to this journey. It encourages making small, seemingly insignificant, changes like improving one’s posture or adding exercise into the workday, in a way that feels light hearted and doable.

This is probably obvious but in case it isn’t, I am not a graduate nor an advocate of the ” No Pain No Gain Kick Your Ass School of Self Improvement”. It would be closer to the truth to say I am a proud dropout of such an institution.I found it to be ego based and destructive.Those who continue in it usually end up injured and disillusioned.I have seen this.It is completely unsustainable.

Small Change touches on another concept I find intriguing; dailyness.

Dailyness, as defined by Collins English Dictionary, is the quality or nature of being daily.As I get older, I am more and more facinated by the way regular routines shape our lives, day by day, moment by moment.

There is also something incredibly democratic about this process.Each one of us have the power, ability, and freedom to use our time to improve ourselves and our world.My interpretation of the American Dream goes like this; no matter who you are or what your background, if you are willing to work hard and refuse to give up, you can achieve your goals.

I think we could all benefit from a reminder of our history in that regard.In today’s environment, where huge corporations and carefully manufactured superstars would appear to reign supreme, we individuals still have power.For me, making small changes is a way we can use our power, each and everyday.Small changes, over time, make a difference.

I am excited to share my journey and celebrate my progress with you.Stay tuned.

Ch- ch- ch- ch-ch- ch anges!!

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