30 Day Cycling Challenge

On 8/17, I started a self imposed 30 Day Cycling Challenge.This means 30 consecutive days of cycling. Although I didn’t establish a mileage requirement, I have been riding anywhere from 5 to 16 miles a day.This commitment to daily activity reduces the modern malady known as ” decision fatigue “. There is no choice. In the time it would normally take to decide what to do, you’re already done.

This was originally intended as a running challenge or ” streak ” but my husband discouraged it as I was only recently recovered from a back injury. “Fair enough,” I thought. However, when he mentioned cycling as an alternative, as an off handed remark, I jumped at the chance.

This was an opportunity to try something different.I had done yoga training, marathon training, and some weight training but never given quite the attention to cycling as exercise.Would I get stronger? Improve my aerobic function? Will it help my running? Is that even possible? That all remains to be seen.

I am at about the halfway mark now and, so far, I can confidently say that, if nothing else, this challenge has enriched my life.Being outdoors, daily, on the bike has been like a mood altering drug.The sights and sounds of nature create a shift in consciousness that lasts for hours. What’s more, being exposed to this beauty somehow makes ME feel beautiful. How ’bout that?

The husband accompanies me most days although he is not doing a challenge as such.We are both astounded by and grateful for the ability to be active and are pleased to have a bike trail so close to where we live.We see familiar faces that we recognize as ” regulars”. Some have baby strollers or dogs, some are runners, walkers, or fellow cyclers.We nod in passing and say good morning.Barely anyone appears annoyed or depressed.

So far the weather had been cooperating with us.Some muggy days have left us drenched in sweat while others have been crisp and refreshing. If it storms, I can ride indoors at the gym but I am dreading that.

What will happen after the 30 days? Will I continue? How do I integrate my other fitness activities, especially running, without losing the ease of having a single consistent activity? I am not sure but for the moment, I will just enjoy the ride

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