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Showing Up

            As I write this, it’s Christmas and we are closing in on the last days of 2018.My desires and expectations for the coming new year are more focused than in previous ones.There is a … Continue reading

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Your Funeral, My Miles

Last weekend, I finished my 5th Half Marathon.This time around, I did a different training method created by Dr. Phil Maffetone appropriately named, "The Maffetone Method ". It required using a monitor to keep track of my heart rate and … Continue reading

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Right Now Revisited

Winter is nearly over and yet the weather outside fails to reflect it.Being a northern girl, I do enjoy a little snow and cold.I think the bleakness of a winter landscape can be a call to slow down and look … Continue reading

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Seeing Through a Private Eye

For the past couple months, off and on,  my husband and I have taken great pleasure in watching episodes of ” The Rockford Files” on Netflix.We are on season four.I imagine this was partially inspired by the recent passing of … Continue reading

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