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Showing Up

            As I write this, it’s Christmas and we are closing in on the last days of 2018.My desires and expectations for the coming new year are more focused than in previous ones.There is a … Continue reading

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Seeing Through a Private Eye

For the past couple months, off and on,  my husband and I have taken great pleasure in watching episodes of ” The Rockford Files” on Netflix.We are on season four.I imagine this was partially inspired by the recent passing of … Continue reading

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30 Days and “Counting”

I decided a month ago to stop drinking alcohol for 3 months.How did this come about? Well let me start this story at the very beginning as it was part of a process. One thing worth mentioning is that there … Continue reading

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No Sense Makes Sense

In the wake of Robin Williams suicide, I am compelled to contribute my thoughts.Yeah,  I am sure by now your a little tired of reading about this subject.That’s alright, I am too but I need to write this anyway. Williams … Continue reading

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I have been switching from my winter to summer wardrobe this week.That means taking summer stuff out of the attic where it is stored and packing away the winter stuff for next season.It seems a little late to be doing … Continue reading

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Being Fully Present

I was listening to Hay House Radio today and Robert Holden was talking about how important it is to be fully present in our lives.Many times we think that there is something missing in our lives and that something is … Continue reading

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Art and Life

  I am facinated and intrigued by art that is rooted and grounded in actual circumstances or experiences.I guess I am primarily refering to writing as it is expressed in songs, books, screeenplays, etc.In my opinion, this is why we … Continue reading

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Creating Space

This is a companion to the post “Making Time.” I am refering to two things that are similar yet one is dynamic and the other magnetic.One is active and the other is passive ( at least in my mind.) I … Continue reading

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Making Time


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          Today I am sitting by the Mississippi River here in Memphis.My car is in the shop, AGAIN.I have been gifted with unexpected time to think, pray, and write on a stunning early September morning.What comes to … Continue reading

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