Creating Space

GetAttachmentThis is a companion to the post “Making Time.” I am refering to two things that are similar yet one is dynamic and the other magnetic.One is active and the other is passive ( at least in my mind.) I am proposing that when you make time for something, it is with the intention of doing something with that time.Creating space is a little different.When you create space,  it is to allow for something to happen.It can be a little more daunting when you are used to doing, doing, doing.

When you get rid of old things that are no longer useful to you or serving your highest good, you are creating space for new and better things.It can be clothes, a relationship, a job, or even a way of thinking.Many times we struggle with letting go of what is old and familiar because we are afraid there is nothing new and better to take it’s place.Actually,  it is more about waiting to see what presents itself rather than forcing an outcome.Maybe we do need to take action as in the case of my first post  “Animal Shelter Reality Check.” Losing my dog Jasper left a hole in my heart and my household.I had a difficult time imagining what a new dog would be like.Now I can’t imagine my life without Beulah.Did she replace Jasper? Of course not.He was irreplacable.I had to create space for something new, or someone new, in my life.I had to be willing first.

When I was in the ninth grade, my english teacher, Mr.Reilly told us about an article in Reader’s Digest that he recommended we check out.It was about spending a hour a day, first thing in the morning, with God.Now Mr.Reilly wasn’t an overtly religious man ( think of a more conservative version of Dr.Wayne Dyer.) I don’t know if a public school teacher could get away with mentioning something like that today.I checked out the article all the same.It talked about sitting in the silence just being there.There wasn’t a nod to any specific religion or spiritual practice.There wasn’t a formula or plan involved.It wasn’t an active meditation either.On the surface it could seem useless or a waste of time.I never forgot that article.I looked it up on Google recently and found it.It read very much the same as I remembered it.

Creating space in our lives for new things can feel useless at first.Shouldn’t we be doing something? Creating space can feel empty and even a little lonely.It is essential though.Unless you open your hands, your mind, and your heart there is no place for a new thing to grow.You can even ” make time” without really creating space.A few weeks ago,I sat down to practice some of my songs for an upcoming show I was doing.I just wasn’t feeling it, really.Everthing felt kind of leaden and stale.I hate to say that about my own material.Then again it wasn’t the songs, it was me and my approach.I backed off a little.I gave more and different attention.I couldn’t make it perfect.It was going to be what it was.It needed some breathing room, the material I mean.Actually maybe it was me that needed the breathing room.

I am closing in on the marathon I signed up for some months ago.I am, as I said before,  somewhat behind in my training.Yesterday my goal was to run 20 miles but I stopped at 15.Why? I just felt like it was time to stop.I could have pushed through a couple more miles for sure but since I am a firm believer in trusting my instincts and listening to my body, I backed off.My longest run was last week at 18 miles.Now I am reading the “experts” say that you need to taper off your training as the race day gets closer.Maybe my instincts were right.I really wish I had made it to 20 though.My husband said, ” You have to remind yourself why you are doing this.” He is right.This is my first marathon and my goal is to finish.Tapering is like creating space because your giving your body a chance to prepare for the race by getting proper rest and nutrition while you are cutting back on the miles.It is difficult psychologically, though.You always think you could have done more ( especially in my case.)

One of the most challenging times we face is when we create space for something new and we are not sure what the “right thing” is.We may know what we don’t want and or/what is not working.We are afraid to take a chance, make a step for fear of making a mistake or wasting time.One thing that has worked for me in the past is to make a list of what I do know.For example…

    I know  I don’t want to be stuck in an unhealthy relationship. I know  I want to make use of my gifts and talents

    I know   I made this decision because of…( whatever circumstances)

Sometimes we can act busy in an attempt to fill up an uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty.I don’t know anything about that….NOT! Remember busy isn’t always productive.

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