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Okay, maybe this should be titled, “Giving More Attention To Important Things” or something like that. Regardless of the title, you get a general idea of what is on my mind.

Come to think of it, in an age of multi-tasking it is hard to imagine doing only one thing at a time.We are encouraged to split ourselves is so many directions at once.It reminds me of David Bowie in the movie ” The Man Who Fell To Earth.” In one scene, he is sitting in front of several televisions stacked one on top of the other, showing different programs (not unlike you would see at some appliance stores at that time.) He plays an alien in that film so I guess he was able to watch all the programs at the same time.We human beings, on the other hand, are not able to do that.We may think we can but we just end up being confused.

There are some projects and goals that I would like to complete right now.When I say right now, I mean RIGHT NOW.The truth is that I am only able to do one thing at a time.Yes I am breathing, my heart is beating, my brain is thinking, my hand is writing, my skin is feeling, my eyes are seeing, and my nose is smelling.Come to think of it, I am doing quite a bit already so why add much more?

For years, I have wanted to be a better guitar player.I am primarily self taught and have come quite a long way since I have started.Recently, I have started taking lessons from a fellow musician friend of mine.I have to say, it’s been wonderful.Giving time and attention to something I care deeply about is stimulating.In the past, I would just cram some practice in before playing a show.Now I am more likely to pick up a guitar to work on a lick or two at any off hand moment. ( I am paying for the lessons after all.) There are so many details that need attention like picking, phrasing, and timing, just to name a few.In some ways it can be like a meditation.It can be tedious playing something over and over again but I am watching my fingering, listening to my tone, and being aware of the little things.These things take time as well as care and concern.

I am in the process of freeing up my work schedule to have more time for things that are important to me.I realized that I was being pulled in so many directions at once and I was not allowing myself what I needed to accomplish any number of tasks properly or effectively.Time is elastic and it expands the more you use it.I know this.Nevertheless, there is a point where you freeze up because you feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to tackle first.Until recently, I would just plough thru and get done with what I could.Now I am taking a step back, inhaling a deep breath, and letting myself feel my feelings and look at things differently.

I am quite aware lately how quickly time passes.Each day seems more and more precious.There is sooooo much that needs to be done in our lives and in our world that it can be close to impossible to justify making time for ourselves to just BE.I am no expert in this area, believe me, but it’s getting easier.If I live in the moment and not hesistate, that can save time.Instead of, “hmmm should I make that phone call,write that down,ask that question?”  I just do it.Unless you are feeling a strong No then go for it.Don’t wait.

Most importantly, making time for people you care about is essential.It could be in the form of a short conversation, a friendly text message, a card, or some kind of acknowledgement.People you care about can include even people you don’t know that well.On the flip side of that, don’t make time for people, things, and /or situations that drain you.Once you know the deal, learned the lesson, and seen the light, wipe the dust off your feet and move on.There are some arguements you will never win and situations you will never change.Choose your battles wisely.

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