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Learning From Resentment

  I have been fighting a cold for several days.One thing that illness does  is force you to slow down in spite of pressing responsibilities.I feel as though I am a car that is not running on all it’s cylinders.Rest … Continue reading

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The Substance Within

I took a snapshot recently of a gorgeous fall day. God was showing off ,no holds barred, brilliant sunshine, soft breeze , and a touch of gold and red in the fall foliage.Simply breathtaking.There was a strange sense of peace … Continue reading

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Being Fully Present

I was listening to Hay House Radio today and Robert Holden was talking about how important it is to be fully present in our lives.Many times we think that there is something missing in our lives and that something is … Continue reading

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Let Your Hair Down,Mama…

It’s messy, thick,  and riddled with grey.It is hot in the summertime and heavy and wet when I am exercising.It can get in the way of what I am doing especially when that something requires precision or cleanliness.People like my hair … Continue reading


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